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Stephie Grace is an award winning Singer/Songwriter from London.  Her music has appeared in syncs globally, (recently for Hershey’s in the States) and she also writes for established Artists.  She has worked with some of the World's top songwriters and producers, including Guy Chambers, Ben Robbins and Sean Hargreaves.  As a session singer, she has worked on projects such as DreamWorks "Abominable" (2019), and Lionsgate Films "Military Wives" (2019.)  In October 2019, she released her first solo album "We're Not Meant To Do This Alone," to great acclaim.  She has a tabby cat called Linus who likes sitting on her notebook when she's writing lyrics.

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Stephie brings her expertise, experience and musicality to each and every bespoke song she is commissioned.  "Music and lyrics can say so much, conveying something together that speaks on a truly emotional level.  That's what makes a song such a special personal gift."

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